Games connecting people

Today I’m gonna tell you a story how playing games changed my life. Maybe, it will sound ridiculous, but I met my future wife in a gaming platform. Crazy, right? Well, it’s true story bro, so listen to me and go find her!

Gamer starter pack:

  • Be gamer;
  • Always dream about girlfriend who understands you;
  • Be alone forever, coz games are life for you.

It is typical gamer life scenario, however, not everything is lost as I could tell from my recent experience.

Are you ready to hear how it happened?

So, I was playing CS GO, collecting skins and betting in drakelounge till something happened. I met a random gamer – we started to chit chat day after day till we reached the point where both of us want to see each other without hiding after strange nicknames. Of course I knew that this was a girl, lol.

I thought, okay, why not, nothing gonna change. But after we had our first skype conversation I understand that this girl gonna be my wife someday. As long as we both were form US, we met few times and fall in love with each other. I know this is sounds crazy, but to find a girls who is so into gaming like me was a miracle. So, I denied all stereotypes and engaged to her – we planning our wedding for now.

Just wanna say – don’t lose your faith in things and one day u’ll find what’s best for you! I got full package and couldn’t be happier.