Getting your business VAT compliant

It doesn’t matter if your business is just starting out as a small company or if it’s a mega-corporation providing services around the globe, there are certain laws and obligations that must be met. Around the world, there are global VAT compliance obligations. Often times, local tax authorities have flexibility over several areas like standard and reduced tax rates, liabilities, invoicing guidelines and more. While most businesses are looking into ways to find various money-saving opportunities and improve cash-flow, it’s also important for them to be VAT compliant to avoid the risk of penalties and fines.


Review your VAT liability


When you are a party that supplies goods and services, it’s important to understand that either you or the customer must account for VAT. Similar to this, it’s relevant to understand where it’s applied when buying goods or services and who should account for it. Payment of wrongly charged tax is an issue for many firms.


Review your international VAT Registration profile


Being an international business means working in accordance with global VAT compliance and registering for VAT. The use of a general reverse can remove the need for a supplier to apply for it as a non-established trader. But the rules regarding this differ from country to country so keeping up to date on how they are implemented is vital to achieving this compliance.


Review international business contracts


These documents must take into consideration multiple sets of VAT regulations. Sadly, more often than not, businesses forget to do that when they sign contracts with new customers and suppliers. By properly reviewing these, VAT registrations can be avoided, and this specific cash-flow improved.


Working in accordance with global VAT compliance obligations is beneficial in the end as VAT returns allow businesses to make some money back when it comes to necessary business purchases. By doing this, companies also minimize the risk of getting in financial trouble or even bans so it’s essential to follow them.